Workout Plan

Photo by Sammy O

If you follow me on Social, you know I talk a lot about working out and fitness. I started back in April mostly because I was gaining weight partly from just being lazy and my stress level was really high as I was dealing with some critical personal issues in my life. I didn't like how my body was feeling, so I decided to start a routine to get me active again.

Look, the first couple of weeks were hard. My body was sore, I was hungry because I was cleaning up my eating habits at the same time and I had to figure out what worked best for my goals. I was starting it all from zero. There is nothing more humbling than getting winded from 10 reps of pushups.

Luckily, I stuck with it and I can honestly say it's been one of the better decisions I've made this year. It's still hard af sometimes, but my body is stronger, I'm eating so MUCH better, my energy level is consistent through out the day and I'm sleeping better. The biggest benefit, which I did not expect, was it really lowered my anxiety level as well. The couple of years have really made me an anxious person to the point where I was just having a hard time going to the grocery. Since I committed to my routine, the volume has been turned down. It's still there, but it feel so much more... manageable.

I would really recommend to anyone to incorporate some type of physical activity into their everyday lives because it really, really helps.

In that vein, I wanted to share my personal plan that I do weekly to keep me active. My goals are based around stamina and conditioning so I focus on circuit training and lots of reps to burn fat and increase muscle tone. I'm constantly fiddling with my routine, but here's where it stands at the time of this writing.

I work out every other day and I rotate between two routines during the week and a superset workout on Sunday or Monday depending on what day my workout falls on.

Workout 01
I start with a group of Skater Hops and then do another after every exercise, so that means Skater Hop, Elevated Bird Dog, Skater Hop, etc. Two sets of the following:

Elevated Bird Dog - 38 reps (19 each leg/arm)
Power Squat - 28 reps
Reverse Pushup - 40 reps
Reverse Crunch - 38 reps
Single Leg Staring Leg Deadlift Reach - 34 reps (17 each leg)

Workout 02
Two sets of the following:
High Knee Skips - 50 reps
Push Ups - 46 reps
Lunges - 60 reps (30 each leg)
Squat Jumps - 25 reps
Tricep Dips - 35 reps
Elbow Plank Leg Left - Do as many as one can in 1:20
Wall Sit - 1:10
Bicycle Crunch - 90 reps (45 each side)
Side Plan - 1:30 (45 seconds each side)

Workout 03 - Top of the Week Superset
Three sets of the following:
Tuck Jumps + Pushups - 35 reps
Squat + Mountain Climbers - 35 reps
Tricep Dip + Glutei Bridge - 35 reps
Jump Plank + Superman

As the workout get easier, I just add more reps. My rule thumb is about 30 minutes. If I do workout under 30, increase reps. If I'm over, keep working until I get stronger and faster.

So that's my plan. Diet is a whole other topic, so I'll make another post detailing my eating habits that complement my workouts.

Whew, I need to get some water...