New Year's Special

The holidays gave me a chance to take a breath and look back on 2017. The hardships I endured. The sacrfices I made. Relationships gained and relationships lost. The hard fought lessons I learned and applied.

Needless to say, it was a pretty full year.

However, as the calendar flips to the beginning of a new cycle, I find myself being very optimisitic about the future. I feel lighter. Leaner. A bit smarter than I was before. A bit more understanding of the world around me. A little more open to the idea of connecting. A clearer version of myself.

I want to start out the year on a good note, a high and very positive note. So for the first week of the new year, I will discount my standard graphic design and web development rate by 50%. That's right. Through January 8th, I will knock off half for every project I build. I know. Pretty cool, right?

Ok, but there are a few caveats as well.

The minimum amount of time for a project is 40 hours, which in my current schedule equates to two weeks as I have about 20 hours avaible for new projects.

This discount does not include maintenance. It is only for design and/or development. If day to day maintenance is needed, that will be a seperate discussion.

I will waive my consultation fee for the week. So, if you'd like to hop on the phone for a quick consult about your idea, I won't charge you to do so. However, if you do not have a budget in place for you project prior to this call, take some time to get that ready first. The consult is for people that are ready to work. If you're not quite at that point yet, it is better to hold off on a consult until you are.

Payment plans are available. I'm very flexible in terms of pay schedules, so please don't hesitiate to ask. Graphic design and web development are serious investments and I am more than open to creating a plan that works for you.

That about covers it. If you have an idea you'd like to discuss, use the work form to get in contact and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hey. By the way. You look great today.